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March 17, 2005 by diamond30
I really need some help with this Im sure you guys can answer my question. I have imported many vs using skinstudio pro.This is the step I use.I click import vs I click custum then parameters I choose under target format WindowBlinds Visual Style-optimized for maximum quality. There are some other choices but I choose that. Anyways as you know alot of vs do not have shell style. So I get all the images I want as my shell style and import them then I save the skin. Well I can see the shell styl...
February 17, 2005 by diamond30
Im not sure what version of SkinStudio pro you all use but the latest build wont import any vs I get some kind of error messge. So I went back to the previous version I believe it was 2005.01.03-05 (4.4.1 Build 1020 - Internal
Anyways I had to do a clean install of my machine so I dont have it archived any more. I need to know where I can get this build and not the one they just released this month. thanks for your help